Amazon Prime Day is here, but small businesses need support as they face new challenges

Amazon Prime Day deals
Amazon Prime Day deals
Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 7:05 PM EDT
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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) - While Amazon’s Prime Day sale might be convenient, many times images and reviews are all you have to go off of when purchasing, which is different from the experience of going inside a store.

“People like the advantage of touching things and seeing things and being able to figure out if that’s what they’re wanting to get,” said Jan’s Hallmark and Jenna Just In Boutique Sales Associate, Janice Johnson.

Businesses big and small took a hit during the pandemic, but big-box stores can bounce back quicker than a small one. “They had to re-configure how they were going to keep the store open,” said Jan’s Hallmark and Jenna Just in Boutique Assistant Manager, Cindy Ring.

While many were able to keep their doors open, they’re now facing another obstacle in higher shipping costs. “We’ve increased about five percent, if not a little bit higher,” said PostalAnnex Co-Owner, Joanna Rivera.

Rivera explained the situation is similar to increases in other products seen in recent months. “Just like with everything else, everything is going up. So, it’s not something that we can completely control.”

Ring said she is seeing that same thing inside of the store where some wholesale companies they get products from are going up on their costs too. “We’re changing prices on some things, you know, that have come in.”

Even with all the changes the store depends on each dollar spent by customers both old and new. “We want to thank New Bern and surrounding areas and everybody that supports us, it just means to world to us,” said Ring.

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