Mark Meadows talks COVID-19 executive orders; Sen. Tim Kaine covers Biden’s upcoming VP pick

“The president's main focus is making sure those that are hurting actually get the support they need. ”

Mark Meadows talks COVID-19 executive orders; Sen. Tim Kaine covers Biden’s upcoming VP pick
WH Chief of Staff pushing Trump to deliver convention speech away from White House

Washington, DC - White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows expressed disappointment in current negotiations with House Democrats on the next relief bill. The groups have been bargaining for the last two weeks.

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren for this Sunday’s episode of “Full Court Press”, Meadows said he believes Republicans are more willing to compromise to pass a bill.

“I can say this: The Republicans in the White House have made a lot more substantial concessions from their initial bill, which came out of the Senate at $1 trillion. You know, we’ve upped the ante there, and yet we still see the Democrats being dug in close to the $3 trillion mark”. Meadows said.

The location of President Trump’s acceptance of the Republican nomination for President was also covered.

Meadows is pushing for the location to be off of White House grounds. According to him, “I will suggest that it’s not within a mile of where we are.”

Meadows also brought up the use of the Defense Production Act to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

He suggests, “I’m willing to use the Defense Production Act to do anything. It becomes a matter of ability, not necessarily money. We have plenty of money to do that. "

Former Vice Presidential candidate and current Senator Tim Kaine was also interviewed by Van Susteren for the show.

Kaine is concerned about the negotiations for a new stimulus relief package. He states, “It’s the Senate GOP that is really divided. And so, they’ve sort of absented themselves from the negotiation with the White House.”

The coronavirus is another of Kaine’s worries. He is seeing spread both in his state of Virginia and on Capitol Hill.

He pointed out “There’s community spread on Capitol Hill”. Regarding Virginia he shared, “We’ve started to see a spike, especially in the area, the hotspot in Virginia is down near the beach, Virginia Beach, because people have been quarantined for a long time”

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