How South Miss. legislators voted on changing state flag

How South Miss. legislators voted on changing state flag
Current Mississippi flag (Source: WLBT)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLOX) - The Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives both approved on Sunday to create a commission to redesign the state flag and order the current one be brought down.

House Bill 1796 also includes the provision that the new flag cannot contain the Confederate battle emblem and says the flag must include “In God We Trust.”

The House passed House Bill 1796 with a vote of 91-23 on Sunday.

The Senate followed that vote by approving the bill with a vote of 37-14.

Below is a break down of how legislators representing South Mississippi voted for HB 1796.

Senator Vote Party District County
Joel Carter Y R 49 Harrison
Dennis DeBar Y R 43 George, Greene, Wayne
Scott DeLano Y R 50 Harrison
Jeremy England Y R 51 Jackson
Angela Burks Hill N R 40 Marion, Pearl River
Philip Moran Y R 46 Hancock, Harrison
John Polk Y R 44 Lamar, Pearl River
Joseph Seymour N R 47 Jackson, Pearl River, Stone
Mike Thompson Y R 48 Harrison
Brice Wiggins Y R 52 Harrison Jackson
Representative Vote Party District County
Brent Anderson Y R 112 Hancock
Jeramey Anderson Y D 110 Jackson
Manly Barton Y R 109 George, Jackson
Richard Bennett Y R 120 Harrison
Charles Busby Y R 111 Jackson
Carolyn Crawford N R 121 Harrison
Casey Eure Y R 116 Harrison
Kevin Felsher Y R 117 Harrison
Dale Goodin Y R 105 George, Greene, Perry
Greg Haney Y R 118 Harrison
Timmy Lander N R 93 Hancock, Pearl River, Stone
Jay McKnight N R 95 Harrison, Hancock
Doug McLeod N R 107 George, Stone
Jansen Owen Y R 106 Pearl River, Lamar
Randall Patterson Y R 115 Harrison
John Read Y R 112 Jackson
Stacey Hobgood Wilkes N R 108 Pearl River
Sonya Willaims-Barnes Y D 119 Harrison
H.B. “Hank” Zuber III Y R 113 Jackson

Rep. Jeffrey Guice, R, of District 114 representing Harrison and Jackson counties was marked as absent/not voting in the official record. To read House Bill 1796 in full, click HERE.

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