Healthwise: Minimed 600 series insulin pumps recalled

Healthwise: Minimed 600 series insulin pumps recalled
Healthwise with Karin McCay - 10.23

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - More than 300,000 insulin pumps have been recalled and the FDA is calling this a class one recall.

That means it is the most serious, due to a malfunction that could be deadly in some people with diabetes. Already, one person has died and thousands have been injured after getting the wrong dose from the pump.

The defective devices include the 630-G model distributed between September, 2016, and October, 2019, and the 670-G model distributed between June, 2017, and August, 2019.

The problem is the defective insulin pumps in the Minimed 600 series are delivering either too much or too little insulin because a retainer ring that holds the cartridge in place is missing or broken.

For more information on the recall, there is also a 24 hour support line at Medtronics.

That number is 877-585-0166

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