Record adoption numbers in Alabama

Record adoption numbers in Alabama
Record year for foster care adoptions in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Governor announced that for the second year in a row, a record number of children in foster care were adopted in the state of Alabama.

731 adoptions is an all-time high for the state. That number is up from 727 adoptions from the previous year.

It is indeed very encouraging news for the state of Alabama. The Children’s Aid Society has been working all week to train families on the adoption process. And although the numbers are great, they do know more work needs to be done.

Currently, there are still 299 children still living in the Alabama foster care system. Although it costs little in the way of money to adopt from foster care, the process of becoming an adoptive or foster parent can be time consuming and requires persistence. A fact that according to the experts, may deter families from adopting.

On average, it could take up to twelve months to complete the steps to adopt a child from foster care. That includes undergoing home study and special training.

“Sometimes with some of the needs that some of our children have, and trying to find the right match, it does take a little while to get everything ironed out,” said Brock Sellers of the Birmingham Children’s Aid Society of Alabama.

Rachel Roberts has been at the forefront of The Children's Aid Society in recruiting and training families for the adoption process.

We’re not looking for incredibly wealthy families, we’re just looking for families who are willing to open their hearts and their homes and provide these children with what they need, which is permanency and forever," said Roberts.

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