Expensive hospital bills a big obstacle for Americans

Expensive hospital bills a big obstacle for Americans
Costs for basic blood tests can vary wildly among health care providers.

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Full Court Press partner, Investigate TV, researched the disparity of health care costs across America, and across the street. They found an enormous range of prices for the same procedures among different health care providers, some just blocks away from each other.

Veteran Mitch Brandon was sent by the U.S. Veteran’s Affairs Administration to Lakeview Regional Medical Center in Covington, LA. for two MRIs in 2016. The total cost was $8,000. What Brandon didn’t know was that very close by a different medical center charged only $350 per MRI.

Jeanne Pinder of Clear Health Costs said, “It doesn’t make sense. Nobody has any idea what things cost in healthcare.” Her organization pushes for transparency in medical billing.

Procedures as simple as blood tests can vary widely. It is important that consumers empower themselves and understand all costs before being surprised by large bills.

Patients can compare prices of medical procedures on the Clear Health Cost website. There are also tips for talking to hospitals and health care providers to fully understand charges.