Democratic presidential hopefuls speak to SC voters at historic venue

Democratic presidential hopefuls speak to SC voters at historic venue
Galivants Ferry Stump (Source: WIS)

GALIVANTS FERRY, SC (WIS) – For the first time ever, a special meeting was held at the Galivants Ferry Stump just for presidential candidates.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City, New York, all spent time Monday evening speaking to hundreds of South Carolina democratic voters.

These candidates preached a message of unity and laid out there plans for what they hope to accomplish if they are elected president.

They were trying to woo voters like Brinda Lewis. Lewis is undecided on who she would vote for in the primary at the moment. She lives near Galivants Ferry and stopped in to learn more about the candidates vying for her vote in February.

“Some times they say people are like crabs in a bucket just trying to get to the top. At the end of day, maybe we’ll have that one candidate where everyone huddles around,” Lewis said.

She said she has been watching the debates closely.

Lewis said healthcare is the big issue that matters to her the most.

James Taylor Jones and Fran Harris said education is an issue they were hoping candidates would address Monday. The couple were one of the first ones in the crowd arriving a little after noon Monday.

They say they are also undecided at the moment but were looking forward to hearing from Biden. “We’re going to vote for whoever wins. We just want to change Presidents, it doesn’t matter what Democrat is in there they are going to be better than what we have now,” Jones said.

President Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign staff tell us they have been doing some groundwork in South Carolina. They firmly believe the President will win the Palmetto State in 2020. Director of Strategic Communications Marc Potter said, “We have a strong support from the state party and elected leaders including Governor McMaster. It’s not a state we are even questioning whether we are keeping it in Trump country.”

The SC GOP cancelled their presidential primary. The South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary is scheduled for February 29, 2020.

We received a statement from Joe Jackson a spokesman with the SC RNC. He wrote: “Today, 2020 Democrats will discuss radical policies that would institute a government-takeover of healthcare, eliminate all fossil fuels, and destroy our booming economy. Meanwhile, families across South Carolina continue to see more jobs, low unemployment rates, and strong economic growth because of the policies instituted by President Trump and Republicans.”

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